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BEWARE Fake 'Band's on the internet - Don't Fall For 'Bait & Switch'

Updated: Mar 2

Imagine this scenario: you just got engaged and finding a great wedding band that will get your reception hopping is at the top of your list.

You search for a band online and find one that looks perfect. Their website is eye-catching and professional, the photos are great, the recordings and videos are amazing, and the reviews, fantastic! It's exactly what you're looking for, in fact, this band almost seems too good to be true.

Well, guess what? It’s all fake. In the time-honored practice known as ‘bait and switch’, you see a carefully curated product online to get your attention, but the actual product you get—in this case, the ‘band’—is something completely different.

The fact is most everything you see & hear online about this 'band' is fabricated.

  • None of the people you SEE in the online photos will be at your wedding.